Saturday, February 6, 2010

Choreography the way I understand it.....

I do have my own take on the term CHOREOGRAPHY. It could be totally different to what some one else think or feel about it. I have a long way to go as a Director of Choreography and i have zillion more things to learn about this fascinating global subject. My own understanding and approach towards choreography comes through my own personal experiences as a Dancer, Film Student and a Choreographer.

According to the general definition the word 'Choreography' mainly means DESIGNED SET OF MOVEMENTS. It is not only dance that we get to choreograph. Then I think by default Choreography can be divided it to 3 main categories.

1. Dance Choreography
2. Scene Choreography
3. Action Choreography

Usages of Music, Styles, Limitations, Expressions, Formations, Shapes, Speed, Proportions, Angles, Time, Outlook, Costumes or Presentation of above 3 categories mainly depend on the STREAM you are using it with. That also can be divided in to 3 main platforms.

1. Stage (Live Performances)
2. Small Screen (Television/Web)
3. Big Screen (Movies)

- Theater, Musicals, Concerts, Ceremonies, Fashion Shows

Expressions, Positioning, Hand or Leg movements, Costumes, Formations, Lighting & even the Set Designs are much Louder and Visible when we are choreographing for any stage performance. Mostly movements are direct rather than subtle or simple.

- Tele films, Music Videos, Add films, Studio Programs, Dance or Music based Reality Shows, Live or Recorded Musical Events/ Concerts/ Ceremonies.

Camera plays a major part when we do choreograph for the Small or Big Screen. We have to be aware of the camera angles, different lenses & shot sizes while the shoot is happening. This could apply to all scenes, actions and dance choreographic work when we do perform for the camera. This also gives the advantage of adding effects, speeding the movements or using slow motion during the edit... Music Videos, Tele films & Add films take the best use of the small screen.
Multi camera set ups which we use for Studio Recordings, Dance or Music based Reality shows, Live or Recorded Musical Events/ Concerts/ Ceremonies bring out the finest of choreographed live performances.

- Different genres of motion pictures has its own choreographic approach

Sky is the limit when we do choreograph any thing for movies. We choreograph the performances for the camera thinking of the impact on the big silver screen. Every good director has an immensely rich sense in Choreography. The way I see it is every camera movement is planned for a pre choreographed scene. This applies to almost all types of movies.