Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Choreography in Movies

Motion pictures are made and followed through out the world with great respect along with remarkable imagination power. I consider movies in general choreograph each scene, action or dance for the camera lens. This applies to almost all types of movies… be it Musical movies, Action thrillers, Costume or Periodic dramas, Epics & even any Drama / Romance / Comedy based Movies. The way I see it is every camera movement is planned for a pre choreographed scene. For that every good Movie Director has to have an immensely rich choreographic sense or intellect.

Choreography for movies is done having the camera angle and lens with shot size in mind for different limitations of movements & expressions. This in general applies to all scenes, actions and dance choreographic work we do for movies. We do have the maximum advantage of post production where during the edit, speeding the movements or using slow motion as options along with other all sorts of advance edit tricks and effects could easily be applied bring out the best of what you intend to present…

When choreograph the performances for the camera thinking of the impact on the big screen, other than the Film Director’s creative approach certain scenes and moments need the expertise of an additional craftsmanship. Therefore certain special scenes are accomplished successfully with the collaboration effort by the film director along with Action Director & the Director of Choreography.